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    The NBA's Hottest New Trend Is Tackling Your Own Fans

    Superstars viciously attack innocent half-court shot contestants.

    Last night, Oklahoma City Thunder fan Justin Dougherty nailed a half-court shot for $20,000.

    Needless to say, Justin proceeded to lose his mind.

    Then he found his girlfriend...

    But followed that with a nearly fatal mistake.

    Who is he pointing at, you ask?

    6 feet and 9 inches and 235 pounds of pure destruction...

    A.K.A. Kevin Durant.

    Durant flees shamelessly after bulldozing this loyal Thunder supporter.

    Dougherty is still recovering.

    We can blame Obama LeBron for this vicious attack.

    Here's LeBron launching the merciless-fan-assult trend back in January.

    Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images

    Watch the bone-shattering collision in its entirety:

    H/T Nick Schwartz at USA Today