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    The Fastest Man Alive Lost A Race By The Smallest Margin Possible

    To an old-ass man (by track standards).

    Yesterday, Usain Bolt -- the fastest man that has ever lived -- lost in the 100m final of the Golden Gala in Rome. It was his first major loss in the distance since 2010.

    When you're as peerless as Usain Bolt any loss becomes major news, even if it wasn't on the grand stage of the Olympics or World Championships.

    But the real story isn't the fact that Bolt lost the race, it's who he lost to.

    Justin Gatlin -- who at 31 years old is considered a dinosaur in the track and field community -- edged the Bolt by .01 to take the title.

    Gatlin is mostly remembered for earning a four-year suspension during what was thought to be the prime of his career. But he's enjoyed improbable longevity after the age of 30, which is unheard of in sprinting. Beating Bolt in the 100m is a extreme rarity, and doing it the age of 31 is next to impossible.

    Usain Bolt appears to have taken the loss extremely hard.