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The Definitive Ranking Of David Stern's 25 Sexiest Draft Day Suits

Honestly, who cares about what the players are wearing?

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Every draft night analysts, bloggers and fashion experts dissect the suit choices of the newest crop of NBA stars. Everywhere you look on the internet you'll find lists and rankings of the best and worst players in NBA draft history. But there is little to no respect given to the steady style of the man who has been a constant on the stage for the past 24 years. In celebration of David Stern's last draft as NBA commissioner, here is the complete breakdown of his exceptional collection of sensual suits.

25. 1998

Jed Jacobsohn / Getty Images

First off, let me start off by saying there is no "worst" David Stern suit. All of the commish's threads are fly, but this is a ranking of the flyest of the fly and this grey pinstriped number just isn't doing it for me.


1. 2013

What could possibly top Stern's heroic rookie season and the most iconic wrinkled suit of all time? Stern's swan song, which was fittingly a throwback to 1984 — complete with a tuxedo-clad Hakeem Olajuwon. Farewell you fearless, powerful, beautiful little man.


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