The Best Thing Canada Has Ever Done

Okay, don’t get cocky, Canada, but this is pretty cool.

We all know the “Great” White North hasn’t provided much to humanity with the exception of being generally pleasant, having an inflated opinion on how much they can drink and playing mediocre hockey.

Unlike Americans, who invented electricity, light, fire and water, the Canadians are bit more modest with their inventions, like the paint roller…

Instant mashed potatoes…

The drug dealer’s most important accessory…

And the board game that ruins every family party.

But recently they provided the world with an invention that could actually possibly change the way we live, and more importantly the way we drink. Ladies and gentlemen I give you “Alcohockey,” a combination of three of life’s most beloved games: air hockey, beer pong and drinking. According to imgur, the creator is a drunk Canadian.

We can only hope some ambitious American is running to a patent office and stealing this idea.

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