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    Breaking Down The Most Awkward Hug Of The Year

    The Boston Celtics have chemistry issues.

    With the exception of an injured Rajon Rondo, the only thing recognizable about the Boston Celtics this season are their iconic green and white uniforms. During a fire sale offseason, they got rid of Doc Rivers, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett. They're a shell of the franchise that has been competing for NBA Championship titles for the past half decade. Now two of the most prominent faces of the Celtics are Jeff Green and wunderkind coach Brad Stevens.

    Last night, the Boston Celtics earned their first win of the season against the winless Utah Jazz. It was the first win of Brad Stevens' NBA coaching career. After the final buzzer sounded, Green went to congratulate Stevens and awkward happened.

    Let's break down this tasty morsel of cringeworthy gracelessness.

    The Missed Handshake

    The Forced Hug

    The Ass Slap

    The Dead Fish and Linger

    The "Oh Shit That Was Awkward... Hey Coach!" Look

    The Celtics appear to be more hopeless than we thought.