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    24 Reasons "Smooth" Is Undoubtedly The 2016 Song Of The Summer

    Man, it's a hot one.

    1. It's President Obama's entire summer playlist.

    2. And it's obviously a fav of the Clinton family.

    Carlos Santana ft. Rob L I N Thomas - Smooth O N

    3. It's the perfect way to measure Olympic greatness.


    4. Dogs love it.

    5. It celebrates life.

    A Letter to My Son On the Day Of His Birth: Man, it's a hot one Like seven inches from a mid-day sun

    6. And it's a song for all kinds of people.

    Just 2 seconds was all I got of this man on a Harley listening to "Smooth feat. Rob Thomas" in all leather and blowing bubble gum

    7. It makes Vanity Fair's Margot Robbie profile actually enjoyable.

    i don’t get this Margot Robbie profile at all.

    8. It's the greatest song in its genre.

    Best Songs By Rob Thomas Feat. Carlos Santana Ranked: 1. Smooth

    9. It's a perfect excuse to get out of a traffic ticket.

    10. And it's lyrics are an effective way to communicate in a professional setting.

    intro-ing all my emails today with "man, it's a hot one"

    11. It's sensual as fuck.

    12. It's how you determine your friends from your enemies.

    When he says he doesn't like "Smooth" by Santana feat. Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty

    13. It starts with the greatest 5 words in the human language.

    This story better be five words long: "Man, it's a hot one."

    14. It possesses your body.

    15. It grabs your heart out of your chest.

    16. It's as addicting as your favorite Netflix series.

    17. It's a song that sticks with you for life.

    You ever sit in your room and wonder where you were the first time you ever heard Smooth by Santana feat Rob Thomas???

    18. It's a true work of art.

    19. It's a crowd pleaser.

    Bernie pauses, surveys the crowd. Stands up tall, puts his hands in his pockets, softly smiles. Then speaks: "Man, it's a hot one."

    20. It's everyone's dream Super Bowl halftime show.

    21. It'll make you sweat.

    22. It's perfect for small talk.

    [gets in elevator] me: man, it's a hot one guy: yup [doors close] me: like seven inches from the midday sun guy: why is this happening

    23. It's the ideal Coachella lineup.

    24. And it's the truest declaration of love of our time.

    Why would you write wedding vows when you have the lyrics for Smooth by Santana featuring Rob Thomas