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Posted on Apr 9, 2014

11 Reasons UConn Is By Far The Most Dominant School In College Hoops

The University of Connecticut has quietly owned college basketball for the past quarter century, and it's time people started noticing.

1. They've won a combined 13 National Championships over the past 25 years.

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The Husky men have taken home the trophy in 1999, 2004, 2011, and 2014, while the women have won in 1995, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2009, 2010, 2013, and 2014. This year marks the SECOND time both teams have won the National Championship in the same year.

2. They're undefeated in all of their National Championship game appearences.

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The women are 9-0 in the championship game and the men are 4-0. The women have also been to six other Final Fours over this time span where they didn't advance to the title game.

3. The men's team is tied with Duke for most National Championships in the past 25 years with four.


And one of those four National Championship game victories actually came against Duke. How's that for a tie-breaker?

4. The women's team has the most titles in NCAA women's basketball history.

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With tonight's win over Notre Dame, the UConn women snapped their tie with their rival Tennessee and now have the outright lead with nine National Championships.

5. And has averaged a mere 3.76 losses per season since the 1988-89.

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This is how most Husky opponents have felt over the past two and a half decades.

6. They also own the longest win streak in college basketball history.

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The UConn women's team didn't lose for two and a half years — spanning from 2008 until December of 2010 — winning 90 consecutive games. They broke UCLA's 30-year-old and seemingly untouchable 88-game win streak.

7. The Huskies only have 10 McDonald's All-Americans in school history.

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And since 1990, the UConn men's basketball team has had only nine McDonald's All-Americans come to their Storrs campus — and the 2014 National Championship roster was devoid of any McDonald's All-Americans altogether. In comparison, traditional blue blood powerhouses like Duke and North Carolina have had 48 and 47 McDonald's All-Americans respectively over the same time frame.

8. They get the "right" players — not the highest-rated ones.

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Make no mistake, UConn always attracts tremendous talent, but they don't get the same players as the Kentuckys of the world. According to the recruiting website, Shabazz Napier was ranked No. 98 and Ryan Boatright was No. 42 in their respective classes.

9. They have the biggest chip on their shoulder in college hoops.

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What the UConn Huskies did over the course of the past two years goes beyond improbable and borders on impossible. Last season, head coach Kevin Ollie took over a team facing a one-year NCAA postseason ban due to a controversial academic rating system. Because of conference realignment — aka the dismantling of the Big East — the Huskies were the odd man out. They watched as Syracuse, Louisville, Pittsburgh, and Notre Dame accepted invites to the ACC and Georgetown joined the other Catholic schools in the Big East. UConn was seemingly an afterthought — that is until Kevin Ollie converted that chip on their shoulder into fuel strong enough to propel them to the most unlikely championship in recent memory.

10. Their coaches are among the best anywhere.

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Geno Auriemma and Jim Calhoun have a combined 1,504 wins and 12 national titles between them at UConn. Together over the course of the '90s and '00s they built one of the most unlikely powerhouses in college basketball. Oh, and Kevin Ollie? I guess he's not too bad either.

11. Their fans are some of the most underrated in America.

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UConn's Sweet 16 and Elite 8 games against No.2 seed Iowa St. and Final Four favorite Michigan St. were basically home games. The Husky faithful had Madison Square Garden rocking like it was the Big East Tournament in the late '80s. There was no question their presence was felt and their influence mattered during the road to the Final Four. UConn fans never get the praise or attention of Duke, Syracuse, UNC, or Kansas fans, but they're rooting for college basketball's current royal family — so I doubt they mind.