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    15 Reasons Philip Rivers Is Undoubtedly A Child Trapped In A Man's Body

    Meet the NFL's ultimate little brother.

    1. He still thinks he's Popeye.

    2. He always looks confused.

    3. He exagerates to get other people in trouble.

    4. He pouts a lot.

    5. He's a know it all.

    6. He's prone to temper tantrums.

    7. He celebrates like he just passed a really difficult video game level.

    8. He complains all the time... even if no one is listening.

    9. He expects people to do everything for him.

    10. He has zero patience.

    11. Every once in a while you suspect he's a little bit evil.

    12. He doesn't back down to any fight.

    13. He's enamored by wildlife.

    Ken Bohn / San Diego Zoo

    14. He has so much energy and no idea what to do with it.

    15. He still has a shitload of fun playing this silly game.