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    19 Reasons Dogs Are The Worst Drivers EVER

    Seriously, who gave these guys the keys?

    1. They're easily distracted.

    2. And they're always out joyriding.

    3. They always drive cars that are terrible for the environment.

    4. They think they own the roadways.

    5. They never use their goddamn blinker.

    6. They always look drunk.

    7. They disregard all the rules of the road.

    8. They can never see over the steering wheel, but they think it's okay because they're "cute."


    10. They fall asleep at the wheel.

    11. And get drunk with power.

    12. They spend most of their free time doing donuts in the high school parking lot.

    13. And care more about getting some tail than concentrating on the road.

    14. They have NO CLUE what 10 and 2 means.

    15. They're timid.

    16. They're frequently lost.

    17. And they're always asking for directions.

    18. And most importantly — they're dogs — and dogs shouldn't drive.

    19. Even cool dogs.

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