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    7 Reasons 76ers Fans Should Hope The Season Peaked Last Night

    "Nice win, guys. Now, knock that crap off."

    Last night, the Philadelphia 76ers upset the two-time defending champion Miami Heat 114-110 in their season opener. The Heat are favorites to three-peat, while the 76ers appear to be tanking for Andrew Wiggins.

    Steven M. Falk/Philadelphia Daily News / MCT

    The 76ers aren't simply the worst team in the NBA right now — they're historically bad, according to some experts.

    The average player on the team is 23.8 years old and their veterans include Kwame Brown and Jason Richardson. To say they are devoid of much talent is an understatement — they suck — or at least that's what we thought.


    The 76ers obviously caught the Heat sleeping by jumping out with a 19-0 lead to start the game. However, the real shock was that the 76ers withstood the Heat rally, regained the lead and closed out the game. This is a team that opened the season with 9,999-1 odds to win the NBA Championship.

    Rookie point guard Michael Carter-Williams had 22 points, 12 assists, 9 steals and 7 rebounds — IN HIS FIRST NBA GAME! Even super-bust Evan Turner went for 26 points!

    Ron Cortes/Philadelphia Inquirer / MCT

    This team is showing promise. It may be SUPER early, but they may have arguably pulled off the biggest upset of the NBA season — in their first game. Don't they know they're supposed to lose? Can't they see the bigger picture? Well, in case they forgot, here's seven reasons 76ers fans are praying they don't play this well ever again... this year.

    1. Because Andrew Wiggins' ability to finish in the open floor.

    2. Because Andrew Wiggins' crossover.

    3. Because Andrew Wiggins' defensive instincts.

    4. Because Andrew Wiggins' ability to lead the fastbreak.

    5. Because Andrew Wiggins' pull up jumper.

    6. Because Andrew Wiggins' ability to touch the heavens.

    7. Because Andrew Wiggins.

    Okay, got it? Good.