17 People Who Should Sit The Next One Out

Sports aren’t for everyone.

1. This guy who was too fast for his own good.

2. This hurdler who should try a different race.

3. This dad who thought he could do it all.

4. This cyclist in need of a new push-start person.

5. This gymnast who forgot to vault.

6. This swaggy baller.

7. This cross-country skier who forgot how to cross-country ski.

8. This olympic diver who REALLY made a splash.

9. This kid with no more knee ligaments.

10. This poor dude.

11. All three of these hockey players who simultaneously forgot how to skate.

12. This trick shot master.

13. Everyone on the Miami Dolphins.

@CorkGaines / Via flickr.com

15. This rural gymnast.

16. This showboating cyclist.

17. And of course — Rob Ford.

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