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    Posted on May 1, 2013

    MLB Hall Of Famer Not Impressed With Psy

    Dance crazes do not faze Tommy Lasorda.

    The world's most exhausting fad reared it's ugly head again at last night's Dodgers vs. Rockies game. Except in this case, not everyone was enthralled with Psy's tired moves.

    Mark J. Terrill / AP

    Legendary Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda had a front row seat for the Korean pop star...

    And he was decidedly not impressed.

    In fact, he may have been the least impressed person in all of Dodger Stadium.

    Thank you, Mr. Lasorda, for personifying exactly how we all feel.

    CORRECTION: The dance Psy is performing is from his new video "Gentleman M/V." An earlier version of this post stated that the dance was "Gangnam Style." But to be quite honest, they all look the same.