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21 Male Athletes Who Rocked Some Serious Ponytails

Without the slightest hint of irony.

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3. David Beckham

Koichi Kamoshida / Getty Images

Beckham has been a fashionable chameleon over the years as he sported every hairstyle known to man and some that weren't known to man, such as this double ponytail.


4. Shaun White

Brennan Linsley / AP

The flying tomato is known for his flowing red locks, but when it's time to get off the half pipe and into a the spotlight, the extreme sports star pulls his hair back tight.

5. Tim Lincecum

Eric Risberg / AP

Even the two-time Cy Young-winning San Francisco Giants pitcher known for his unorthodox throwing motion and long dark hair needed to tame the mane into a slick pony for the cameras sometimes.

6. Brian Cushing

Richard Drew / AP

Before the Texans linebacker was drafted into the NFL, won Rookie of the Year and had it revoked for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs, he had a solid short pony.

7. Larry Fitzgerald

Jeff Bottari / AP

Having long hair is a hazard on the offensive side of the football because your hair is considered part of your uniform and can be legally grabbed by defenders, but Fitzgerald doesn't care because no one is catching him anyway.


16. Latrell Sprewell

Ann Heisenfelt / AP

When Sprewell wasn't choking out coaches or bitching that his contract didn't pay him enough to feed his children, he had his hair braided into pigtails. BECAUSE THAT'S HOW HE ROLLS.