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Little Kid Attacks Dad In Public For Dropping A Foul Ball

There's nothing worse than a parent letting you down.

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Children routinely have unrealistic expectations of their parents. They're supposed to be role models who are morally virtuous, know everything, and catch any foul ball within 25 rows of your seat at a baseball game. Catching foul balls is basically the most important thing a father can do in life.


This past Sunday, one dad failed at the most important thing he was put on this earth to do (catching a foul ball).

The San Francisco fan tried and failed to trap a line drive off the bat of Marlins catcher Rob Brantly.

His son swiftly snatched a dangerous weapon/plastic cup and began viciously berating his father for his unforgivable error.

The crewneck-clad dad made excuses.

But no excuse will bring back his son's happiness.


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