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19 Reasons Doing Laundry Is The Fucking Worst

Reason No. 324243435 why being an adult sucks.

1. Because it's a place where blue pens always leave their mark.

2. And ruins every item of clothing you love.

3. Because it's a literal shit box.

4. Because sometimes the dryer doesn't work and you need to be creative.

5. Because people are generally pretty terrible and steal shit.

6. Because fitted sheets are not meant to be folded.

7. And dog beds were not meant to be dried.

8. Because it ruins relationships.

9. Because it brings out the worst in people.

10. And pushes you towards the dark side.

11. Because it's a literal war zone...

12. ...that takes no prisoners.

13. Because some people think it's a good place to spin-dry lettuce.

14. And others think it's a good place to pour out some macaroni.

15. Because it's a place where period blood is weaponized...

16. ...and "lucky condoms" loose their way.

17. Because it brings out the weird in people.

18. And drunk people are always making questionable decisions.

19. And because sick twisted people threaten to spit in socks.