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    Posted on Jul 8, 2013

    How To Fail Miserably At Laying Down A Bunt

    Brought to you from Japan.

    The ability to lay down a bunt is an integral and notoriously tricky part of being a baseball player.

    Moving base runners with a sacrifice bunt is taught to kids in Little League, yet professionals continue to struggle at what is seemingly a simple task.

    Players choose the wrong pitches, pop the ball up, hit the ball foul and sometimes miss altogether.

    As a fan, a failed bunt attempt is very frustrating to watch, and as manager it's downright infuriating. However everyone who has ever failed to get the runners over can rest easy, because here is the official worst bunt attempt of all time.*

    *No one has seen every bunt in the history of baseball. So this is impossible to confirm, BUT holy shit I feel so much better about my Little League career.