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31 Heartbreaking Photos Of People In Miami Coping With LeBron's Decision

Who says they're not real fans?

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By now you've probably heard that LeBron James announced that he'll be leaving the Miami Heat to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Heat fans have gotten a lot of crap for "hopping on the bandwagon" since LeBron came to town, but judging by the reaction to today's news it appears the sports world unfairly stereotyped Miami fans as a whole. They truly seem devastated.

1. These grown men avoiding eye contact because the pain is TOO REAL.

2. This girl drowning her sorrows in a sweet mojito.

3. Just saying peace out to the good ole days.

4. Burying their feelings in the sand.

5. Trying to smile through the hurt.


7. And working out in a desperate attempt to forget today ACTUALLY HAPPENED!

8. They took to the beach to stare out into the LeBron-less abyss.

9. Giving thumbs up... when their heart says thumbs down.

10. Some are staying home — avoiding human contact at all costs.

11. Mojitos seem to be the popular companion for their broken hearts.

12. They're just blankly staring out into sea.

13. Lifeguards don't know why lives are worth saving anymore.

14. Happy hours across the city started before noon.

15. People are forgetting to re-apply sun screen because they CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT 'BRON.

16. They can't even stand in shallow water because their knees are weak with sadness.

17. Mojitos are the official the drink of the hopeless fan.

18. People are ordering them by the dozen!!!

19. People are inducing brainfreezes just so they can forget.

20. People are putting on brave faces... but you can see the anguish.

21. Some can't even show their face to the camera, because they're too full of EMOTIONS.

22. They're toasting to the good times they used to have.

23. Giving bittersweet standing ovations in thanks for LeBron's time in South Beach.

24. Smiling nostalgically about 2012 when all was right with the world.

25. They're desperately trying to fight back the tears.

26. Some people can't even muster the strength to walk to the beach, so they stayed at the pool.

27. No one is talking to each other.

29. Everyone is searching for answers.

30. Hoping this is all just a dream.

31. Hopefully one day they'll find happiness again.

Stay strong, Miami. You'll get through this!

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