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    Elderly Athletics Usher Is The Dopest Dancer In Oakland

    Gramps be killin' 'em.

    People dance at baseball stadiums around the country in hopes of catching the attention of a cameraman and having their 4.2 seconds of fame on the Jumbotron. Monday night's A's game against the Blue Jays had a few classic examples like this couple with a choreographed routine...

    Or these two friends flapping their arms haphazardly...

    But every once in a while the camera lands on a true talent — a character who encompasses timeless grace and effortless seduction — a.k.a. this guy.

    Considering it's the middle of the 8th inning he COULD simply be excited to be finished with his shift. But those aren't your standard end-of-the-work-day shoulder shimmies! Which can only mean one thing.

    He's simply getting down with his bad self! So get in line ladies.