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    29 Dogs That Don't Want To Grow Up

    They're no longer puppies, but they're still lap dogs in their own minds.

    1. "Two hot dogs, please!"

    2. "Wait, you're telling me she sits here all day?"

    3. "I'm just keeping papa bear warm."

    4. "Can't wait for 'Pretty Little Liars'! Who's got the popcorn?"

    5. "He thinks I'm just being cute. I'm gonna fart now."

    6. "Just going for a train ride. Nothing to see here."

    7. "I told you we could both fit on the couch."

    8. "Don't listen to her! We don't spend ENOUGH time together!"

    9. "I'm sorry I knocked over the entire kitchen table."

    10. "Guys, I'm serious, 'Scooby Doo' is basically 'Law & Order' for dogs."

    11. "I didn't mean to break the screen door. I just didn't see it."

    12. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

    13. "For the last time, I don't want to watch any of the 'Beethoven' movies!"

    14. "Pass that Pinot Grigio, hon."

    15. "This is the life."

    16. "Ugh, are we really watching 'Scent of a Woman' again?"

    17. "I'm only getting up for a fire or three Milk-Bones."

    18. "Squirrel?"

    19. "Yea, l'll take a raincheck on that walk. I'm comfortable right here."

    20. "Oooo a mystery novel? Make room."

    21. "You didn't expect me to lay on the concrete, did you?"

    22. "We better not be going to the vet."

    23. "I dare you to tell her I'm getting too big for this. Double dog dare you."

    24. "Those jerks at the dog park said I look like a bear again."

    25. "Bro, I can't see the TV."

    26. "Stop overreacting, I'm barely putting any weight on you."

    27. "I'll keep a lookout."

    28. "Yea, I like to cuddle! I've been saying it for years, White Fang gave wolves a bad name.

    29. "Cowabunga...."

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