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17 Important Life Lessons Coach Taylor Taught Us

Clear eyes, full hearts... You know the rest.

1. He taught us to keep our composure.

2. And the importance of being punctual.

3. He taught us responsibility.

4. And that yelling in the morning is rude.

5. He taught us character.

6. And how to earn people's respect.

7. He taught us how to teach your daughter a lesson when she gets arrested for being in a strip club while underage.

8. And how to say I love you without actually saying it.

9. He taught us how to get out of doing the dishes.

10. And to remember to ask before you make the chili too spicy.

11. He taught us the importance of communication.

12. And to tell the people close to you that you're proud of them.

13. He taught us what goes on in a young man's mind.

14. And the only dog you should own is a brown lab.

15. He taught us how to love.

16. And how to be champions.

17. But most importantly, he taught us these six words to live by...