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    Buffalo Bills Fan Gets O.J. Simpson's Face Tattooed Dangerously Close To His Penis

    He probably claims he didn't do it, but if he did it would look like this.

    Buffalo Bills fans are noted for their unwavering support of a franchise that frequently disappoints. The team hasn't been to the playoffs in the past 13 years.

    In addition to the constant pain and frequent disappointment, Bills fans also have to battle the snow-filled Western New York winters, as well endless ridicule from fans of every team in the NFL.

    But no matter how morbid the outlook for the upcoming season seems, the fans remain steadfast.

    They're known for not giving a fuck about what anyone thinks, feels or believes.

    But no Bills fan has ever given less fucks about what anyone thinks than this superfan, Bryan LaBarron. Who will forever be known as the man who got the mugshot of Naked Gun star, former Bills great and current resident of Lovelock Correctional Center O.J. Simpson tattooed on his left thigh. Below the tattoo we've included his thoughts on the Juice's alleged criminal acts.

    Even Juice himself thought this was a questionable decision.

    h/t via Sean Newell Deadspin