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    15 Bros Who Bravely Manscaped Their Back And Chest Hair To Support The Team

    Who needs signs?

    1. This Minnesota Twins fan who forgot his jersey at home.

    2. This Virginia Tech fan who "wears" Hokie pride.

    3. This Buffalo Bills fan who is psyched his team is playing a game on national TV.

    4. This LSU fan who got lost trying to find the football stadium.

    5. This ultimate Pittsburgh fan.

    6. This Longhorn fan who took advantage of his personal burnt orange hair to the fullest.

    7. This creative Missouri fan.

    8. This Notre Dame fan.

    9. This double-fisting Kentucky fan.

    10. Um, Wayne Rooney...

    The Manchester United star shaved 19 with his chest hair to celebrate Man U's record 19th Premiership title.

    11. The truest Dale Earnhardt Sr. fan.

    12. And this Dale Jr. fan we have to assume was sitting next to him.

    13. This guy.

    14. This diehard Appalachian State fan.

    15. And last but not least, this guy using his back to support Boston.