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    A-Rod's Boss Tells Him To "Shut The F*** Up"

    Count Yankees GM Brian Cashman among the many people sick and tired of Alex Rodriguez.

    Baseball black sheep Alex Rodriguez has been rehabbing his injured hip over the course of the past month in hopes of returning to the New York Yankees sometime this season. Some fans and analysts are skeptical that he'll ever wear a Yankees uniform again, having fallen out of favor with management and fans due to his declining performance on the field and status as a walking PR debacle.

    A-Rod opened a Twitter and Instagram account at the end of May to update his fans on his rehab progress. So far his tweets and photos have been rather innocuous, until yesterday, when he tweeted that his (personal) doctor cleared him to play in games.

    This didn't sit well with Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman, who was furious with the timing of Rodriguez's comments, and his anger showed during an interview with ESPN New York.

    Jim McIsaac / Getty Images
    Jim McIsaac / Getty Images
    Gregory Shamus / Getty Images

    Cashman was understandably pissed off. Rodriguez's doctor has no say as to when A-Rod is ready to play in games, an authority that lies with Yankees trainers, staff and Cashman himself. According to Andrew Marchand's ESPN article, the Yankees GM did not actually call Rodriguez, but he did send him an e-mail, and we imagine it was worded something like this...

    Jim McIsaac / Getty Images

    And A-Rod, who after all was signed to his ridiculously long contract by one Brian Cashman, probably responded like this:

    Al Messerschmidt / Getty Images