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    5 Golf Stretches Guaranteed To Ignite Your Loins

    Miguel Angel Jimenez has it all figured out.

    Meet the 49-year-old ponytail-rocking, cigar-smoking Spaniard who is currently near the top of the British Open leader board at Muirfield in Scotland. Miguel Angel Jimenez has a smooth swing and an even smoother approach to the game of golf. In summation: he's really awesome.

    Golfers and golf fans everywhere are watching the British Open wondering, "how is this middle-aged dude simply owning life right now?" Well, the secret is in his mesmerizing and sensual stretches.

    1. Drop 'dat ass real low.

    2. Loosen those magical wrists.

    Yeah, get after it.

    3. Don't forget your calves.

    4. Now, reach for the heavens.

    And finally...

    5. Get down with your bad self.

    Okie dokie, now you're ready to win the British Open.