5 Easy Steps For Successfully Trolling Your Co-Worker

Brought to you by PGA golfers Keegan Bradley and Jason Dufner.

1. Identify the target.

Sam Greenwood / Getty Images

Meet Keegan Bradley (Left) and Jason Dufner (Right).

2. Lull your new FRIEND into a false sense of security.

Sam Greenwood / Getty Images

3. Innocently start following each other on Twitter.

4. Playfully mock one another.

Dufner proudly attended Auburn University, where their motto was “War Eagle.”

Keegan Bradley is frequently mocked for use of a belly putter, which is a point of contention on tour.

5. And finally, attack with hilariously embarrassing photos.

Keegan made this earring-clad picture of Dufner as his Twitter avatar for about 24 hours.

Dufner countered by tweeting this gem of Bradley, but didn’t make it his avatar.

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