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31 Reasons Tough Mudder Races Are For Crazy People

Crazy badass, that is.

So you've heard of this Tough Mudder thing...

And you're wondering if you have the balls to attempt this demanding race.


1. This is only way you're allowed to drive to events.

2. This is how you HAVE to train.

3. You'll have to run through 10,000 volts of electricity...

4. And there's a distinct possibility you end up like this guy.

5. You'll have to run through fire...and like it.

6. Did I mention the mud?

7. Oh, there will be mud!

8. And you'll crawl through a shit-ton of it.

9. Where you could ALSO get electrocuted...

10. Or potentially maimed by barbed-wire.

11. The Tarzan rings seem like a lot of fun...

12. Until you get a taste of the ice cold water awaiting your fall.

13. Speaking of falling, you have to climb this wall for the opportunity to jump into more mud.

14. Are you claustrophobic? I sure as hell hope not.

15. Does carrying a log over your head for a few miles sound appealing?

16. What about a lot of unnecessary climbing?

17. You'll need a good friend...

18. Who won't leave you hanging.

19. Okay, when's the last time you hurdled a half-dozen tree-trunks?

20. And as if these obstacles weren't hard enough these guys wore penguin costumes the whole time.

21. This guy carried the Travelocity gnome.*

22. This girl smiled the ENTIRE race.

23. This guy is actually Canadian*, that's how much the Tough Mudder changed him.

24. These girls dressed like warriors...

25. While this guy was an actual warrior.

26. You'll probably ditch your $100 sneakers.

27. And your body will bruise like a month-old peach.

28. And you'll go through all that trouble for a t-shirt...

29. And a beer...

(Which I'm not sure most people would run through fire for.)

(On second thought, a lot of people would run through fire for a beer.)

30. Maybe some daps from Bear Grylls...

31. And a headband.

Which your dog is probably gonna steal anyway.

So, do you still think you wanna do a Tough Mudder?