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    17 Reasons Rob Gronkowski Is God's Gift To Football Fans

    He's delightfully insane and utterly unstoppable.

    1. He's the largest manchild in the history of the NFL.

    A lot of people like to party and play football, but not a lot of them can parlay that into a multi-million dollar career — Rob Gronkowski did. The Gronk plays football and lives life like an 18-year-old who was handed the keys to a Ferrari — recklessly. Just look at how he reacted to being chosen in the NFL draft. His enthusiasm is unbridled and genuine.

    2. He's has little to no regard for his own safety or well being.

    Part of the reason why Gronkowski is so successful is his robot-esque ability to feel no pain. He gives 100 percent when he's on the field, whether blocking or receiving. He cares about winning, getting in the end zone and very little else.

    3. He has redefined the tight end position.

    Gronkowski and the Patriots have completely changed the way the tight end position is thought of in the NFL. While there have been explosive and athletic players to play the position in the past, no one has been utilized as both a down-and-dirty blocker and deep-threat receiver quite like Gronk. His size, speed, toughness, hands and desire combine to make one of the most unstoppable players to ever play tight end.

    4. His trademarked touchdown celebration — the Gronk spike.

    Gronk score. Gronk Spike. Gronk smash gallons of milk?

    5. He is an actual spokesman for Zubaz.

    Of course the NFL's biggest party boy is the face of the iconic zebra-striped pants company from the ’90s.

    6. This flawless answer to "Marry, Fuck, Kill."

    View this video on YouTube

    You can add Rob Gronkowski to the long list of people that want to take Tim Tebow's virginity.

    7. He encourages a balanced breakfast.

    Who knew corn flakes led to muscle mass and dramatic height gain?

    8. He posed shirtless with a porn star while she wore his jersey.

    Twitter: @_BiBiJones

    Gronk posed with adult film star Bibi Jones while hanging out with friends in Arizona. According to a radio interview with Jones, she, Gronk and a few friends had simply been hanging out watching her "acting" platonically, in a group.

    9. His famous "Yo Soy Fiesta" interview with ESPN Deportes.

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    "I am party." — Rob Gronkowski.

    10. The bro-iest brothers in the history of bros.

    Frazer Harrison / Getty

    If you think Rob is crazy on his own you should see him hang out with his brothers — two of which are also in the NFL. They all seem to drink like fish and dance like fools. If there was a bro hall of fame they would all be first ballot entries.

    11. And their disregard for red carpet etiquette.

    Frazer Harrison / Getty
    Frazer Harrison / Getty

    Wheelbarrel photobombs at the ESPY awards? Why not?

    12. This is how he parties with his brothers...

    Yep, that's Gronk pretending a thunder stick is his, um, thunder stick.

    13. This is how he parties with the ladies...

    Rob Gronkowski is as well known for photos of his off the field exploits as his touchdowns. I don't think an NFL player has ever made rehabbing injuries look as fun as Gronk.

    14. This is how he parties after LOSING the Super Bowl.

    Lose the Super Bowl to the Giants then get hammered with your brothers and hobble around on a busted ankle — that's how Gronk rolls.

    15. His distaste for both clothing...

    ESPN The Magazine

    Surprisingly, he's not very shy about his body. There are more picture of him shirtless on the internet than with him wearing clothes.

    16. And defenders.

    ...and tackles. He's one of the hardest players to bring down in the NFL and it's not only impressive, it's damn inspiring.

    17. Rob Gronkowski simply doesn't care what other people think.

    So deal with it.