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    13 Reasons Why Bill Walton Is The Craziest Announcer Alive

    The Hall of Fame hippie is calling Pac-12 games for ESPN this season, and that's a beautiful thing. All of these quotes are real and from this week.

    1. He has never grown up.

    2. We aren't sure if this is a hallucination.

    3. He loves his 6-packs.

    4. He brags about his bus.

    5. He somehow worked Linda Ronstadt into the broadcast.

    6. Twice.

    7. His Grateful Dead tangents stop for no one.

    8. He's super critical of teams half-court offenses.

    9. When he went H.A.M. on Dick Vitale.

    10. And reacted like this when he found out Dick Vitale is getting to call a Final 4.

    11. This is what he thinks of the 49ers players.

    12. He maybe his play-by-play announcer lose his cool.

    13. And Bill was all like...