13 Reasons Why Bill Walton Is The Craziest Announcer Alive

The Hall of Fame hippie is calling Pac-12 games for ESPN this season, and that’s a beautiful thing. All of these quotes are real and from this week.

1. He has never grown up.

2. We aren’t sure if this is a hallucination.

4. He brags about his bus.

5. He somehow worked Linda Ronstadt into the broadcast.

7. His Grateful Dead tangents stop for no one.

8. He’s super critical of teams half-court offenses.

9. When he went H.A.M. on Dick Vitale.

10. And reacted like this when he found out Dick Vitale is getting to call a Final 4.

11. This is what he thinks of the 49ers players.

12. He maybe his play-by-play announcer lose his cool.

13. And Bill was all like…

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