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10 Foolproof Cocktails Anyone Can Pull Off

You may never be a rocket scientist or an Olympian, but you can still blow people’s minds with your drink-mixing skills. Check out these easy-to-make eyebrow-raisers, be inspired – and find more over at

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1. The Bellini / Via

What It Says About You:
'I gave up on creative writing because I was just too good at it.'



Rossi Prosecco

Peach juice

Sugar syrup

Mix peach juice with sugar syrup (that's two teaspoons of sugar and a teaspoon of boiling water), add prosecco and stir. Preferably while cocking an eyebrow at your guests.

2. The Cowboy / Via

What It Says About You:
‘If I could, I’d light a campfire in the middle of my living room. In fact I might.’


20ml Dekuyper Butterscotch Schnapps

10ml Amarula Cream Liqueur

Layer the two drinks in a shot glass, with the Amarula on top. Serve with a pair of spurs and a handlebar 'tache.

3. Old Cuban / Via

What It Says About You:
‘I know the difference between a fedora and a homburg. Love me.’


45ml Bacardi 8 Year Old Rum

30ml Lime Juice

30ml Sugar Syrup

8 Mint Leaves

Top With Martini Brut Sparkling Wine

Muddle (cocktail-speak for ‘smash’) the lime juice using a muddler (or a rolling pin), syrup and mint in a shaker, add rum, Angostura Bitter and ice and give it a shake. Top up with champagne and enjoy.

4. Brandy Fix / Via

What It Says About You:
‘I’ve been yachting with the Sultan of Brunei, but I won’t bore you with the details...’



Sugar Syrup

Lemon Juice

Bung all ingredients into a shaker with some ice and shake it like a polaroid picture. Strain it into a glass and behold, you're now a mixologist.

5. The Gimlet / Via

What It Says About You:

‘I’ve spent some time abroad, and I’ve got the stuffed donkey to prove it.’


2 parts Bombay Sapphire

1 part lime cordial

Put the gin and cordial into a shaker with lots of ice, shake for 20 seconds and serve.

6. Cuba Libre / Via

What It Says About You:
‘I’m just like this drink: fresh, sweet and deceptively simple.’


1 1/2 parts Bacardi Superior Rum

4 parts cola

Lemon or lime

Slip ingredients in glass filled with ice, give it a stir before rubbing some lemon around the edge of the glass. Serve with a wedge and a 'Gracias'.

7. The Gin Gin Mule / Via

What It Says About You:
‘Hand me my Tommy gu - I mean, my violin case.'


2 parts Gin

4 parts Ginger Beer

Dash of Angostura Bitters

A Lime

Squeeze the lime into a tall glass full of ice, add the rest of the ingredients and give it a stir.

8. The Collins / Via

What It Says About You:

‘You’ve read the dictionary: now try the drink!’


1 parts gin

2 parts soda water

2 tsp caster sugar

Juice of half a lemon

Put all your ingredients into a shaker with ice, give it a good old shake for 20 seconds before straining into a glass and topping up with soda water.

9. The Margarita / Via

What It Says About You:
‘Need a spare Hawaiian shirt? I’ve got you covered.’




Lime Juice


Mix the tequila, triple sec and lime juice. Serve with a little bit of salt on the rim of your glass. Voila - art in a glass.

10. The Kentucky Mule / Via

What It Says About You:

'I loved this drink. Mule love it too.'


45ml Mckenna Bourbon

120ml Ginger Beer

2 Lime Wedges

Simply add your ingredients to a glass, squeeze those lime wedges on top of it, and give it a stir.