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RE: BUZZFEED FOOD APPLICATION The Most Attractive Avocado Toast In NYC

A list of the best and only avo toasts you should consider eating in New York City.

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1. Avocado Smash at Bluestone Lane

Morgan Raum / Via

Bluestone Lane's "Avocado Smash" is literally a smash. They really don't stiff you on the amount of avocado, they drizzle e.v.o.o. and carefully place multiple heirloom cherry tomatoes on top of a slice of delicious Balthazar toast, and to cap it all off, Bluestone sprinkles tahini, feta, and sunflower sprouts on top. 10/10 would recommend.

2. Truffled Avocado Toast at Foxy Greens

Morgan Raum / Via

This truffled avocado toast has just the right balance between sprouts, truffle and layers of avocado. The bed of sprouts is like a forest that you cut through to find the truffle-tinged avocado delicacy at the end. Foxy Greens also sprinkles cayenne over the toast to make it a little bit spicy. AND you can add poached eggs on top. What a dream.

3. Avocado Toast from Dudley's NYC

Morgan Raum / Via

Dudley's' avocado toast is the definition of beautiful avocado toast. Their avocado on toasted multigrain with salsa verde and cherry tomatoes is the stuff of dreams. They really pile on the avocado, and you can add a fried egg and really top it all off.

4. Avocado & Burrata Toast from Sarabeth's

Morgan Raum / Via

Sarabeth's is changing the whole game with their Avocado & Burrata Toast. Until I feasted my eyes on upon their menu and spotted this delicacy, I hadn't even thought to put burrata and avocado toast together. And their concoction was DELICIOUS. The meal also includes petite greens and espelette. Sarabeth's kind of skimps on the avocado, but the amount of high qual food you get for $15 is well worth it.

5. Avo Smash from Sweatshop in Brooklyn

Morgan Raum / Via

This was the first avocado toast I tasted, before I forced myself to love avocado. It was spicy due to the chili flakes and really delicious, and even as an anti-avocado activist I enjoyed eating this beauty. They really give you a lot of avocado and for a small price of $8. Would highly recommend, especially if you enjoy indulging in spicy foods.

6. Avocado Toast from The Upsider NYC

Morgan Raum / Via

This Avocado Toast is REALLY chock-full of avocado. I would go as far as to say there was ALMOST too much of it, really. You get the mountain of avo and two poached eggs for the price of one. It's served on multigrain toast that is quite thick. Overall a beautiful masterpiece.

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