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16 Stages Of Finding A New Job, As Told By Squirrels

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Stage One: Feeling like your current job is just not doing it for you anymore.

Stage Two: Coming to the realization that "OH, I don't have to stay at this job forever."

Stage Three: Beginning to look far and wide for every possible job listing that interests you.

Stage Four: Spending all your free time networking with the right people.

Stage Five: Being in utter disbelief when you come across your DREAM JOB posted online.

Stage Six: Sending out the MOST perfect résumé, making phone calls, doing WHATEVER you can to get noticed.

Stage Seven: Realizing all your hard work paid off, because OMG YOU HAVE AN INTERVIEW.

Stage Eight: Come interview day, you give yourself the most important pep talk of your life in front of the mirror.

Stage Nine: Patiently waiting in the lobby when you hear "They're ready to see you now."

Stage Ten: Walking out of the interview, knowing that you totally nailed it.

Stage Eleven: Waiting… patiently… for an answer...

Stage Twelve: Finally getting an email, but being way too nervous to open it.

Stage Thirteen: Reading the email and realizing that you — YES, YOU! — GOT THE JOB OFFER!

Stage Fourteen: Putting your two weeks in at your old job... just itching to get out.

Stage Fifteen: Realizing on day one that your new job is definitely where you need to be.

Stage Sixteen: Soaring into the bright future and enjoying the ride!

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