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11 Signs It Might Be Time To Pick Up And Move

The universe is trying to tell you something... and that something is that it's time for a change of pace, scenery, and lifestyle. Discover all the opportunities in Michigan at

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1. Your neighbors are annoying. Period.

2. Your friends have all moved away, and now the deli guy is the closest person you've got.

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3. The thought of getting on ANOTHER subway packed with strangers in the morning gives you a panic attack.

4. You apartment hunt all the time, for places in a city other than the one you live in.

5. Co-workers only expect you at meetings that offer free food — they know you’ve given up.

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6. You’ve run into your ex one too many times.

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7. You always wanted to live near water and currently... you do not.

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8. You and your pets have just about outgrown your current home, and they desperately need a yard.

9. You’ve tried all you can to make your current place feel like anywhere else.

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10. You just feel like you're not being put to good use at your current job...

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11. ...and you know every single possible detail for the job you actually want.

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