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    23 Products From Target New Parents Will Totally Wish They'd Known About Sooner

    Here are some must-have items you will find very useful.

    1. A postpartum recovery essentials kit that is definitely essential. This kit includes four pairs of disposable underwear, four instant-ice maxi pads, 24 perineal-cooling pad liners, a bottle of perineal-healing foam, and a toilet top storage caddy.

    2. A baby nasal aspirator and saline spray to save parents sleep when baby is sick and filled with snot! Don't worry, the simple design and instructions make it easy to use and clean.

    NoseFrida kit

    3. And a digital forehead thermometer that is noncontact and gives a one-second instant reading. Its easy-to-read backlit display and fever alarm make it very user friendly.

    4. A cool-mist humidifier because no one tells you how often babies get sick! Having this handy will definitely help you out on those hard-to-sleep nights because baby has a stuffy nose or is coughing.

    5. A pack of Boogie Wipes that are a serious game changer for stuffy noses. These wipes are made with natural saline, which is gentle on the skin, helps clean and dissolve snot and boogers, and wipes away dirt and germs. They’re gentle enough to be used on noses, faces, fingers, and toes. Trust me, I even started using these!

    6. And a travel wipe dispenser – it's a great solution for quick and easy on-the-go diaper changes. It also includes a strap that conveniently hangs on strollers and diaper bags!

    7. A Babyganics Essentials Gift Set that is perfect for expecting parents. This kit includes lotion, shampoo and bodywash, hand sanitizer, wipes, and dish and bottle soap. It seriously has it all!

    8. A Sleepsack to help baby fall asleep easily and with style. This original wearable blanket with sleeveless design nestles baby like a soft blanket without the risk of sleep-related dangers.

    Adorable baby sleepsack with llama print

    9. A baby nailcare set so you can safely give baby a mani-pedi without going to the salon! The kit includes one NailFrida clipper and one S-shaped nail file. They totally *nailed* it with this product!

    FridaBaby nail kit

    10. A pack of Arm & Hammer Nursery Fresheners so you can keep your diaper bags, diaper pails, changing tables, and hampers smelling *so fresh and so clean clean*.

    Arm & Hammer freshners

    11. A grow-with-me training toothbrush set that is as highly practical as it is useful! This set includes two training toothbrushes for different stages to start oral care habits at 6 months and up.

    Grow-with-me training toothbrush set

    12. An avocado silicone teether as adorable as it is useful. Made for babies 3 months and up, this teether massages baby’s tender gums to help relieve pain from teething. When life gives you avocados, make guacamole!

    An avocado silicone teether

    13. And some chamomile soothing tablets that are almost more of a lifesaver for you than baby. These tablets help calm, relax, and soothe infants who may be teething, upset, or restless. Made of all-natural ingredients, you are left feeling safe.

    Box of Nuby Chamomile soothing tablets

    14. A bath spout cover that is simply adorable and practical. This soft, tough rubber protects baby during bath time; its easy-to-adjust strap secures and tightens on most spouts.

    A blue whale bath spout cover

    15. A bathtub elbow rest – it's a game changer. Before we found this product we were using a towel and this totally saved the day!

    Model resting on bathtub elbow rest

    16. A shopping cart cover that gave me so much peace of mind when grocery shopping. This ingenious product fits most shopping carts and restaurant-style high chairs — AND it folds up into a small pouch so you can throw it into or attach it to your diaper bag/purse.

    17. A car seat and stroller cover to keep baby nice and toasty on those chilly fall days. With elastic edges to secure around any car seat, this cozy cover frames baby's head in plush fleece.

    18. A travel bottle drying rack that is perfect for those weekend getaways. This compact drying rack and bottle brushes are ideal for the on-the-go parent. The cute grass-like blades hold items upright for drying while excess water collects in the bottom tray.

    19. And a UV sanitizer to help clean baby's bottles and teething toys. This device sanitizes items in just 11 minutes! AND there is no cleaning or descaling because of its UV technology. You can even use this beyond baby to sanitize the remote, phone, keys, and other household items!

    Model holding baby near sanitizer

    20. A Babybjörn bouncer that I don't know how I would have lived without. The natural rocking stimulates your child’s development and helps them stop crying (I swear). It's easy to wash, has an ergonomic design, folds flat to store easily, and is just plain wonderful.

    Baby in a BABYBJÖRN with a bunny

    21. A baby swing to help rock baby to sleep when the above bouncer is not working. Trust this mama of two, the more options the better. This dual-motion baby swing lets your baby sway side-to-side or head-to-toe with a variety of soothing music and sounds.

    Fisherprice baby swing with baby in it

    22. A Lovevery play gym that is next-level cuteness. The set includes high-contrast black and white cards, high-contrast ball, batting ring, teether, Montessori mirrors, learning card sets, and play space cover. Plus it was designed by child development experts for play and tummy time with purpose.

    23. And a grab-and-go formula and snack container to take along on your push car ride! This set includes one 10-oz. container, two 6-oz. containers, one easy-pour formula lid, two spill-resistant lids, and one dry food lid with a handle. It seriously will take your snack game to the next level!

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