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    Just 30 Halloween Products From Target That Are Ridiculously Fun

    It's the most wonderful time of the year, we've got pumpkin mats and decal bats... oh it's the most spooky time of the year.

    1. An adorable mummy bowling game that is sure to get your party guests *wrapped up* in some good clean Halloween fun. These are the perfect addition to the party you are *throwing*!

    the mummy wrapped bowling pins with cute eyes

    2. A spooktacular orange and black Halloween wreath made of shatterproof bulbs. This pumpkin wreath is sure to look amazing hanging above your new pumpkin doormat!

    halloween wreath

    3. A haunted house made from cardboard for your little ones to color all on their own. We also got this for my son and he absolutely enjoyed every second of this activity.

    haunted house

    4. A pack of orange mini lights because it is all about the mood lighting when it comes to Halloween-scaping. We use these lights every season and they have lasted. Another great deal for a *scary* low price!

    orange mini lights

    5. A spooky skeleton cakelets pan so you can make some finger-licking treats! This pan is next level and is sure to entice your friends to *dig* right in!

    skeleton pan

    6. And a skeleton serving plate so you can properly display the creations you make with the above skeleton pan.

    skeleton serving plate

    7. A spider web throw pillow because it's not Halloween until the themed pillows make it out onto the couch. I just started investing in the holiday pillow game and let me tell you it's a deal breaker. Plus a reviewer made the very smart point that you can simply turn the pillow around during off seasons!

    spider web pillow

    8. And an orange accent pillow to go with the spider web pillow above. This Witch Please pillow will have your guests laughing, trust me I got one!

    orange pillow

    9. A 36" posable skeleton to get your house in extra spooky mode. We love a good skeleton on site, you can dress him up and have a bone-chilling time!


    10. A five-piece pumpkin carving kit so you can make jack-o'-lanterns and other fun creations this season to display at home. This kit is just what you need for your upcoming pumpkin carving party, and it even comes with eight stencils so you can really wow the neighbors!

    the pumpkin carving kit

    11. A roll of white spooky fabric because this is a quintessential piece of Halloween decor! Create a horror scene anywhere in your home with this easy and mess free decor option. I am totally diggin this minimal raven setup!

    white fabric

    12. And a bag of 150 tiny spiders to add the perfect touch to the above fabric! I like to sprinkle these in random spots around the house and watch friends and family trip out!


    13. Matching skeleton family pajama sets so you and the fam can get comfy cozy in a goulish manner! These are perfect for your next spooky family movie night and don't worry we haven't forgotten about your furry family members!

    14. A LED projector so you can have a spooky scene of a tombstone and skeleton on your outside or inside walls! Want to go the distance this Halloween? Here a great addition to the setup!


    15. Looking to go all out with the spider webs this year? Then a 10-foot spider web is the piece of decor for you! We just ordered this bad boy and I cannot wait to hang it outside our house! Reviewer tip: Use clear Gorilla tape when hanging outside!

    large spider web

    16. A wood beaded garland for those who love a more minimal Halloween look. This orange, black and white wood garland will add the perfect final touch to your mantle or window display!

    wood bead garland

    17. A Halloween bingo game because what's a good party without a little bingo? This classic party game is great for any age group and you can always spice it up by adding in prizes!

    Halloween bingo

    18. An adorable pumpkin doormat to greet your guests before they enter your amazing Halloween wonderland. This cute festive mat is perfect for those who love to do themed entrances and for the price it's well worth the added flair.

    the pumpkin doormat

    19. A pack of spooky wall art decals, because these are also another great decor item for families and teachers. My kids have a great time adding these to our windows each Halloween, it makes decorating a frightful family activity!


    20. A fun and festive Trick or Treat banner perfect for families with little ones or even teachers who are looking to add Halloween flair to the classroom.

    Trick or Treat banner

    21. A black velvet cape that'll make for the perfect accessory for your witch, wizard, or magician costume this year. Or just throw it over an all-black outfit and call yourself a Death Eater. This is a great piece to have on hand if you ever need a last minute costume!

    person wearing black cape

    22. A spiderweb table runner to add a simple yet effective pop to your Halloween spread! Because what even is a festive tablescape without a stunning runner?! Reviewers are saying the quality is superb and will be a yearly favorite in your decor routine.

    spiderweb table runner

    23. A spider web tray, so you can serve some grueling Halloween treats for your guests. This two-tiered tray is perfect for smaller treats and will look great with the above runner.

    metal spiderweb two tier

    24. A pack of baking cups and picks set because *dressing up* your Halloween treats always a good idea. These fun cup cake wrappers and picks will add the finishing touch to your yummy treats!

    cup cake supplies

    25. A five-piece skeleton set that will add a *pop* of Halloween spirit to your lawn. We have this set and let me tell you the neighbors love it! We like to dress it up with sunglasses and an empty can of our favorite adult beverages!


    26. *What's this?!* A 7-foot Jack Skellington inflatable for those who absolutely love The Nightmare Before Christmas. Want to go the distance this Halloween? Here is a great addition to the setup!

    Jack Skellington

    27. Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, because this is THE ultimate book that will bring you into the spooky season. If you didn't grow up with these stories then I suggest you get caught up ASAP because Schwartz delivers the most alarming tales of horror, dark revenge, and supernatural events!

    the book

    28. A ghost paint pouring kit so you can make your very own decorations. My 3-year-old thoroughly enjoyed pouring the paint instead of using a paint brush like most of our art making. I really liked how the ghost is actually a sturdy canvas that I can put away for next year!

    the cartoon ghost cutout with paint and painting tools

    29. A decorating kit to make the most out-of-this-world pumpkin! This silly alien kit is perfect for those that like decorating pumpkins (or squash), but don't like the mess! We also got this kit and it was so much fun for the younger kiddos who can't use carving tools. You can even go the extra step and paint your pumpkin green!

    alien decorating kit

    30. And a bag of Dum Dums because this nostalgia lollipop is sure to bring a smile to trick or treaters of all ages! You can't go wrong with a Dum Dum, the flavors are on point and it's just the right amount of sugar for little ones.

    kids eating dum dums

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