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    Posted on Jul 1, 2017

    10 Underrated YA Books That You Should Read This Summer

    Some of these deserve film adaptions, even though the book is almost always better than the movie.

    1. The Uglies Trilogy, Scott Westerfeld


    A soon to be 16 year old anticipates getting an operation that'll turn her from an "ugly" into a "pretty". Being "pretty" is basically living like a Kardashian 24/7. Your only job is to have fun! (Imagine Ellen Page playing the role of Tally Youngblood though. Yes, please.)

    2. The Forbidden Game, L.J. Smith / Via

    So a girl buys what seems to be a regular board game, but her and her friends find out that it's more than just a game. It's amazing. Well the game turns out to be a nightmare but the book is amazing.

    Special effects alone is why I want to see this as a movie. Who would play the alluring dude behind the counter?

    3. Unwind Dystology, Neal Shusterman / Via

    This book is set in a future where a Second Civil War took place, where they fought over reproductive rights. A rule was set in place and now it's completely legal to have your child "unwound". It's exactly what it sounds like, yikes.

    4. A World Without You, Beth Revis / Via

    Everything is not what it seems.

    No seriously, I had to read this book twice. Just check it out for yourself, I fell in love with it!

    5. Swipe, Evan Angler / Via

    This book is set in a future where North America is struggling to recover after famine and global war, so they decide that a "Mark" is the best way to decide who gets the full benefits of citizenship.

    6. Flawed, Cecelia Ahern / Via

    A society where perfection is of extreme importance and mistakes and flaws lead to punishment. Serious punishment, you get branded and imprisoned.

    7. The Leveller, Julia Durango / Via

    In this book virtual reality is like a huge thing, so this girl makes a job out of Levelling (?). She gets paid to pull kids out of virtual reality and bring them back into the real world with their parents.

    She gets hired by a big time billionaire and ends up in trouble. It's a fun and intriguing story.

    8. Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters, Natalie Standiford


    A book about three sisters with a rich grandmother who is mad because somebody in the family has deeply offended her. She meets them on Christmas Day, tells them she's about to die, and cuts the entire family out of her will. Best part? The ending. It's hilarious.

    9. The Unidentified, Rae Mariz / Via

    Imagine if corporate companies sponsored our schools. Not only are they sponsors, they monitor the students friendships and activities to further their market research .Creepy, right?

    10. Mindwalker, A.J. Steiger / Via

    The book focuses on memory modification. You'll have to read it to figure what else it's about.

    Personally I think it's a bit typical for a dystopian novel, but I still really like it.

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