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    9 Brilliant Life Lessons I Learned From "Kotaro Lives Alone"

    It's super underrated!

    1. Being Alone Can Be Challenging But Ultimately Teaches You Independence

    2. A Little Encouragement Really Goes A Long Way

    neighbor helping little boy put on his badge

    3. Experience the Simple Joys of Life and Have Fun With It

    little boy pointing sword at bartenders

    4. Be Kind To Those Around You Because You Never Know What Someone Else is Going Through

    little boy giving server a hug

    5. Accountability Comes With Great Responsibility

    little boy holding onto coat tails of man holding box of oranges

    6. Not All Heroes Wear Capes

    7. A Happy Ending Does Not Imply That All Problems are Resolved

    young boy with long bangs over his eyes has eyes and mouth open wide, all teeth showing

    8. You Can Find Family In Some of The Most Interesting Strangers

    little boy watching tv shows with neighbors

    9. And Showing Emotion is Not a Sign of Weakness

    Be Sure to Check Out Kotaro Lives Alone on Netflix!

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