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    The International Success Of Neora

    Neora is a company based in Dallas, Texas that was founded back in 2011 under the name Nerium International. While the main location continues the same, the company has evolved and grown a lot in the last years due to a powerful growth mission based on direct sales. With this, and offering good potential opportunities to potential sellers, the company continues to develop the best anti-aging products that make a difference.

    The Way To International Success

    No one can question the international success Neora has had over the past few years. What many people don't know is that the Neora company wasn't launched with this name. In fact, Neora was formerly Nerium International and, at the time, they only had a product for sale. While the product was a complete success, managers believed at the time that the name wasn't good to allow them to expand even further as they wanted. So, the Neora company emerged back in 2013 and it is already a very well-known company internationally with many different products for sale.

    According to Bo Short, Neora President, “Neora is symbolic of the more comprehensive direction we are taking as a company in our product offerings and global expansion.” Now, it is easy to see that they were right in taking this difficult step. After all, they are already selling a dozen products in more than 13 countries.

    The main goal of the company has always been to be the leader in what concerns anti-aging products. But to make this happen, Neora decided at the time to launch a new compensation plan. Ultimately, the plan was not only to have brand partners growing their customer base but also to build a successful business.

    While the company has been going through a lot of changes throughout the years by making bold moves, one thing remains intact: developing and distributing anti-aging products that are rooted in real science, produce real results, and improve lives.

    What is really incredible to see is that due to these changes, Neora was able to reach from 13 to 100 employees and over $100M in annual revenue. So, this bold move actually paid off really well. The secret here, unlike what you may be thinking, wasn't just to put the idea into practice. It was, instead, building a strong team that works together to meet the established goals.

    Ultimately, Neora has in their hands the best specialists from all over the world. They are attracted by a fast-growing company that dedicates to develop the best anti-aging products. And this can be very challenging in such a competitive industry. But it is also extremely rewarding. Ultimately, Neora was able to create a great team for the different departments: sales, marketing, operations, and finance. Together, they make a difference. Besides, it is also important not to forget about all Brand Partners that have been selling Neora's products via the company's direct sales model.

    Neora As A Business Opportunity

    For Jeff Olson, Neora Founder and CEO, the company is still in its early steps. After all, and while it has been around for many years, the truth is that most of the company's sales are still coming from the United States only. But instead of looking with regret at this, they look at it as something to improve. After all, with the great Neora products and compensation plans, the company can definitely build the brand internationally as well, exploring the European and Asian markets.

    According to Bo Short, there is plenty of room for the company to keep growing. After all, “A potential brand partner can have a first-mover advantage without the risk associated with a startup company, but instead with a company that has already demonstrated meteoric success, selling in excess of $1.5 billion in products in seven years.” Besides, “Neora represents a new opportunity and a new beginning, built on a platform of a company with a proven track record.”

    One of the best aspects of Neora's mission is that it remains the same: Make People Better. According to Jeff Olson, Neora Founder and CEO, this continues to be the company's goal and commitment. According to him, “We’ve done that with our products and our opportunity. But we spend the same amount of time helping people be better—whether that’s personal development, our investment in Live Happy, or our commitment to giving back through Big Brothers, Big Sisters.”

    In case you don't know, the Big Brothers, Big Sisters is a nonprofit that has a mission that can be used together with Neora's. And this is why they were chosen in the first place.

    The FTC Tries To Target The Direct Selling Industry

    One of the main reasons why Neora company is so successful is in part due to its direct selling approach. However, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) doesn't seem to be happy with this business model and are trying to destroy an entire industry, including the Neora company that is based in Dallas, Texas.

    According to the FTC, Neora commissions are difficult to control and the company has been blurring profits equally between all people. Also, they also state that Neora takes money from companies and corporations as well as from local businessmen whose interests they lobby.

    Al these accusations are being refuted by Neora company as you can imagine. According to the Founder & CEO Jeff Olson, “We are the real deal; in the business of making people better, whether it is a hardworking parent or the budding entrepreneur looking to represent the industry’s leading products. Our brand partners work hard, and now it is our job to stand for them and protect the businesses they worked so diligently to develop." So, based on this statement and a lot of evidence, Neora filed a suit challenging FTC's attempt to change the direct selling laws.


    While Neora has been under attack due to its unique business model, the company is stronger than ever thanks to a powerful team of experts in the different areas of business. Besides continuing to develop new anti-aging products to Make People Better, the company offers a great compensation plan for Brand Partners and continues to give back to the community through Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

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