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If You're From Vermont, You'll Understand These 7 Things Immediately...

You were born and raised in Vermont. Whether you're from Rutland, Burlington, White River Junction or another city, you definitely can relate to everyone else in your state. After all, it's so small you're like one big (and majorly dysfunctional) family!

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1. The Leaf Peepers Are The Absolute WORST.


They drive 20mph, clog up the roads and they make the commute to work way longer than necessary. Between October and November we probably see at least 100 Florida plates in a single day. During this time, the car accident rates spike, road rage definitely spikes and you can't go anywhere without seeing older folk taking snapshots of every single tree they see.

6. Vermont Is Home To The Smallest Capital In The Country


Montpelier is the smallest state capital in the entire United States, falling at a population of around 9,000. After all, we are the 6th smallest state, so I'm sure we already knew about this.

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