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Which Senior Couple Are You And Your Bae?

have protected sex, kiddos.

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  1. How did you two meet?

    You hooked up for the last 20 minutes of a party (you were both drunk ofc)
    through his club
    you two were in the same class
    she stole all your alch and in the process..... your heart
    at a drug party in the woods
    on tumblr
    she complimented you on your insta pic
    mutual friends
    you guys go to the same gym
    y'all started talking up in those dm's
    mutual love of trump
  2. How does he show his love for you?

    he'll stay up all night to talk to you every night
    he compliments your looks
    he'll overdose on opana with you <3
    by him trying to rape you
    he will literally give you his blood
    he throws caution to the wind and decides to date you despite living states away and being 6+ years older than you
    he drives to your house at 2am to bring you pizza and vodka
    he bikes to your house at 3am
    he gets you weed
    he'll give you a teddy bear larger than your future
    he'll drive all around to see you
  3. What does he call you?

    my little sovereign princess
    a minor
    hot piece of ass
    he usually calls you by your name or a nickname
    sweetie, honey, cutie
    babe XD
    person i would sacrifice my life for
    he probably doesn't remember your name half the time
    pothead princess
  4. What's your status?

    open relationship ??
    smoke buddies that fuck on the side
    broken up but still low-key in love
    won't be long until you're married
    southern incest.. so you'll always be connected
    long distance (different continents) but going strong
    he may post pictures of him making out with other girls but he still loves you
    you have promise rings
    long distance (different towns) how do you do it??
    he prob doesn't even remember you dated but you're still hoping
    lol you're over. but you had a nice week together
  5. Superlatives !!!

    most goals
    most likely to die from drugs together
    most likely to be arrested for pedophilia #underage
    most likely to die for each other
    geekiest couple
    most likely to break up
    most likely to force you to suck his dick
    longest relationship
    most likely to have sex in public
    most likely to get arrested for incest
    most likely to forget you're dating
  6. Worst part of your relationship

    it's all too complicated
    he fingers you in your sleep
    tbh your usually too drugged out to talk to each other
    it's not exactly.... legal....
    you're a 7 hour plane ride away
    you're related
    he always be insulting you
    how many breaks have you taken at this point??
    it didn't last long enough to have problems #goalzzz
    he fucks another girl on the side (speculated)
  7. Best part of your relationship!!

    you're insta posts are goals
    you have the same political views
    you guys are SO quirky XD
    he's..... mature :)
    it's always lit
    stuck together through thick and thin.. until you left him :) shh
    compliments all the time
    even though you fight you always get through it 2gether
    you guys do drug deals together
    you guys are literally perfect and better than everyone
  8. It's your anniversary!! What are you two doing?

    hella sexting
    getting high
    he cooks you dinner
    you guys go out and do something fun
    you guys make some long ass instagram slideshows
    he grabs you by the pussy
    he probably doesn't remember it's your anniversary...
    kinky tumblr sex
    you didn't really make it that far...
    he comes over and you have sex all night
    we're talking chocolates, poems, jewlery, scrapbooks, fancy dinners, engagement rings...
  9. What do you guys do at parties?

    hang with friends then sneak off to fuck
    he tries to drug you so he can penetrate you
    cuddle and put it in your snap story
    you don't even talk that much
    where's da WEEEEEED
    work on your tumblr's together <33
    cuddled up on a couch... ;)
    drugged tf out
    you're both sober and you keep to yourselves
    get drunk and hook up
    you take a bunch of couple pictures
  10. What were you guys like before you dated?

    you were close friends for a couple years
    you used him to make another guy jealous but ended up loving him
    he was in love with you for months
    you worked together
    he was getting a college degree while you finished up middle school
    he was in love with someone else
    you knew each other for like a week
    you stole him from your friend
    you knew about each other but didn't talk
    drug buddies
    you were fuck buddies from the day you met
  11. What are your fights like/about?

    the fact she doesn't want to be with you
    the fact he doesn't remember you
    who smokes more
    you don't fight but it gets competitive at times
    the fact she wasn't over he ex
    when they should get married
    you're fights can get pretty brutal
    who loves each other more
    the other girl he always be talking to
    lol everything
    when he tries to pressure you for sex
  12. OK girls... worst part about your man ??

    he doesn't want a committed relationship
    he can be a dick
    he can be... too much
    he can be self centered
    he's a man whore
    he's clingy
    he doesn't even really know you're dating
    he's a burnout
    he's low-key the biggest untrustworthy prick in the world
    he's thousands of miles away
    he's twice your age
  13. Now for the boys... worst part about your lady??

    she's crazy
    she's a failure
    she's clingy and whiney and cries too much
    she won't let you touch her
    she's thousands of miles away
    she's still in love with her ex
    she doesn't say hi to you in the halls
    she's underage
    low-key she wants to break up with you
    she's not ready for marriage
    she's indecisive as fuck
  14. How about the BEST part about your guy?

    nice bod
    he has his own job, house, money, kids (possibly), insurance, retirement fund....
    nice eyes
    he's a cutie
    he always shows you how much he loves you
    he's hot AFFFFFFFFFF
    he's super sweet
    he's RICHHH
    he'll do anything for you... literally anything... no like really he'll do ANYTHING
    he's got a lot of weed
    he's never clingy. like never. you have tons of space. he barely talks to you. it's almost like your relationship doesn't exist. yeah.
  15. What's the best part about your girl?

    she's the prettiest girl you've ever been with
    she's a piece of meat
    she's got HUGE tits
    sense of humor <33
    she's so quirky XD
    she's so cute
    she's trying even harder for her second go of senior year
    she'll send you nudes
    she writes you multiple instagram posts
    she gives you the best gifts
    who else would be with you ??
  16. And finally.... What are your plans for the future!?? (dun dun dunnnnn)

    move onto other people....
    you will stick together <33
    he plans to marry you
    you already have the rings
    she'll end it before college and you will cry
    oh.... it already ended
    will either of you make it that long tho??
    break up and get back together a few more times
    he'll rape you.. then leave you
    one of you will prob die of a drug overdose
    you'll prob breakup but that's ok because you'll always be family

Which Senior Couple Are You And Your Bae?

You got: Michaela and Emil

Congrats- you got the horniest couple ever ;))) u guys will have a lot of good times… until bae moves back to sweden : (

Michaela and Emil
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You got: Sasha and Sébastien

congrats!!!! u got the most dysfunctional couple ever. u guys will have a lot of intense times, such as 3 am bike rides. no matter what happens, u will always b in luv :D (sorta)

Sasha and Sébastien
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You got: Miranda and Sam

u got a typical, wholesome couple- congrats!!! u guys r toats in love, the most goals, but sadly live super far away : ((((

Miranda and Sam
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You got: Taylor and Lash

congrats ?? u got like, the most asshole-y couple ever.. u r a shitty person. at least u get lots of drugs ?? ;D

Taylor and Lash
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You got: Sasha and Jack

this was pretty much a weeklong drug-induced trip. literally lasted a week. u have no hope.

Sasha and Jack
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You got: Kate and Khan

what the fuck. this si fucking illegal you are fucking disturbed.

Kate and Khan
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You got: Meredith and Dylan

u guys r just SOOOOOOOO quirky xD rawr sucks that ur girlfriend doesn’t love you n e more. oh nuu !!!

Meredith and Dylan
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You got: Amanda and Noah

once again, ur disturbed. ur guy don’t even know ur dating. he probably doesn’t even know ur name tbh. but uh, free drugs?

Amanda and Noah
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You got: Megan and Will

wow, u got the incest couple of instagram!! nice!! u guys will take lots of cute snaps together- but try not to get pregnant, ur babies will be fucked.

Megan and Will
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You got: Lauren and Nicolas

the creepiest, yet most loving couple out there. ur guy has ur marriage, children and future all planned out. he’d do anything for you including giving you a vile of his blood…. :)

Lauren and Nicolas
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You got: Camille and Izzy

u got the girl w the purity ring and the boy with the dick that has a mind of its own… good luck.

Camille and Izzy
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