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CAUTION! Falling in love

Celebrating Valentine's Day Each year on February 14, people exchange gifts and flowers with their special 'valentine' – the one they love to the moon and back. On this day love is in the air and people perceive it as the beginning of spring.

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Chocolate as a love food

Chocolate houses are very busy on Valentine's Day. Heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are the symbols of Valentine's Day for many lovers around the world. It is very hard to imagine this day without them as they make this day early and very sweet spring holiday. Leaving heart-shaped chocolates on heart-shaped pillow is best way to say 'You are my Valentine'. Shape of heart and red colour influence lovers behaviour.

Story of Cupid

People who fall in love have been 'strucked by Cupid's arrow'. This god of erotic love and attraction known as Amor or Eros and is associated with Valentine's Day. Using his arrow and bow he strikes the hearts of people. It can be said that Amor helps people to find each other. In tales he is presented as a child who strongly believes that love makes world beautiful.

Anonymous valentine's cards. Why do people send them?

Some people believe that leaving name on valentine's cards will bring bad luck and some of them are just simply shy and trying to hide their feelings from person they fall in love with.

Valentine's cards are for giving and sending and there should be name on it otherwise the person we do love will never know about our feelings. People should let love enter their life.

Red roses are the language of love

Roses were favourite flowers of Venus, the goddess of love and identicate passion and romance. These flowers convey the message of love and passion to partner. They highlight the joy and celebration of love. The best plan to celebrate valentine is to gift something that will make your love fall in love with you. Red in itself is a symbol of love. Holding red roses in hands whilst proposing makes this moment very special and many people use Valentine's Day as a great opportunity to ask 'Will you marry me?'.

Special song for special day

Love is in the air, everywhere I look around...

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