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    Things To Do When Bored I Lockdown?!?!

    Boring lockdown..

    Things To Do When Bored In Lockdown?!?!

    We are all locked in our houses due to house. Most of us get up in the morning, do our online classes, eat, play and then sleep. But, what do you do in the middle when you are getting bored??!!?? You watch TV. But, I have many different ways to keep you entertained. Here is a list: 1) Do a karaoke show 2) Read an interesting book 3) Do a dance off or a dance battle 4) Make some DIY crafts 5) Start a Youtube channel 6) Do yoga 7) Learn how to cook or bake ( personally I would prefer baking) 8) Play a family game like Damsharads, Ludo or Monopoly ultimate banking ( normal one is fine too) Ok......So that is all for today...............See you all in my next post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!