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    A Trip To Goa

    Hope u like Goa!!

    A trip to Goa

    So, this trip was in 2019 so I don’t exactly remember everything in detail but I can tell you guys most of the things. It was 25th December 2019; I guess 5:30 in the morning. My mother woke me up. I woke up and brushed my teeth. Till 6:30 we were all ready and went to our car. Yes!!! We were travelling by our car!!!! It was so exciting. We left our apartment at 6:45am max. We were travelling with another family. They were waiting for us near a highway I guess. Then, we finally started the journey. I think I slept for a while but when I woke up we were in the outskirts of Bangalore. My mother had packed some food so I ate some of it. My mother also made cake. I ate some of the cake and a few biscuits. Then, I talked with my parents and sister for a while. Finally, after 1-2 hours we stopped at a restaurant. We ate some food as our breakfast at 10:00am I think. Then we relaxed a bit and then took the road again. My mother had bought my sister and me some packets of chips so after sometime I tore a packet and gave it to everybody. Hours past and we had stopped 2-3 times in the middle when we finally reached Goa. We had to find our apartment. Yep, we booked an apartment in Goa. My parents said that we came to Goa to enjoy and not to stay in a hotel or resort so that is a waste of money. I was okay with the apartment. Plus, the owner of the apartment had a really cute Labrador. We reached Goa at 5:00pm or something so after we freshened up we went to a beach. We did not go in the water. We just ordered some food and some cold drinks and had a nice dinner along the sea shore. I don’t remember the name of the beach. The apartment room we were staying in had 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 1 kitchen. We ate a lot of ice cream in Goa. It was a really fun trip!!!!!