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13 Reasons You Should Have Sandwiches For Every Meal (Because Why Not?)

Sandwiches for lunch only? Nah, man. Enjoy them whenever you want! And keep it real with MIRACLE WHIP Dressing. Making sandwiches awesome for over 80 years!

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6. Because you don't even need a top piece of bread. OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE OPEN-FACED SANDWICH.

Clarice/CC BY-ND http://2.0 / Via Flickr: bakethebread

The unconventional sandwich for the unconventional you. Goat cheese and honey are all you need for this sweet treat.

12. Because an ice cream sandwich counts!

And the best way to eat ice cream is sandwiched in between two graham crackers! If you really have a sweet tooth, try dipping it in chocolate and freezing it for later.

Own your sandwiches with the sweet and tangy taste of MIRACLE WHIP!

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Note: Not all recipes contain MIRACLE WHIP.