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10 Photo-Worthy Dishes That You Should Totally Be Proud Of

Make something you're proud to share! And when your dish needs a little extra kick? Add MIRACLE WHIP Dressing. It's the secret ingredient everyone needs to know about.

1. Multilayered Dip

Proudness Level: OVER 9,000!

Why? Those layers just didn't appear like that. But you did it. Now dig in!

2. Bruschetta

Proudness Level: Almost to the point of smugness.

Why? It's valid because the presentation of bruschetta is very important! It's like making tiny miracles on top of toasted garlic bread! Take a photo before the party gobbles it up! (Because you know they will.)

3. Homemade Soup

Proudness Level: A gold medalist biting into their first-place medal.

Why? Look guys. I MADE SOUP. Not from a can. And look at all the pretty colors.

4. Potato and Broccoli Salad

Proudness Level: The feeling you get when your Instagram likes turn into numbers. OHHH YEAH!

Why? It's really hard to make something so chaotic look so good. Here's a salad for champions.

5. Deviled Eggs

Proudness Level: Singing an entire karaoke song without looking at the lyrics.

Why? Look at how elegant — and dare we say devilish — these eggs look. It's all about the tools you use. The piping tip is very important!

6. Pasta

Proudness Level: Not preparing for a presentation, but nailing it anyway!

Why? Pasta may be easy to make, but c'mon. It's all about the presentation. Make sure your shot is right above the dish to get all the delicious details. It's also really easy to make bland pasta. But you're definitely not going to do that, right?

7. Chicken Pot Roast

Proudness Level: Prouder than a mom seeing her kid make the dean's list.

Why? Because LOOK. You're a grown adult now. Love, sweat, and tears went into this meal.

8. Shrimp Tacos

Proudness Level: When your boss actually acknowledges when you do a good job.

Why? Because everyone can think of making beef tacos, but you? You make shrimp ones. How's that for something new? Cheers to you.

9. Sushi

Proudness Level: The highest of high-fives!

Why? Making sushi is an art and science. They are perfectly crafted rolls of exquisite flavor waiting to be dipped in soy sauce and then eaten. Show the world your pride and joy before they get devoured into the belly of the beast.

10. Bento Boxes


Why? Because this is the kind of meal the world deserves to see! SHINE ON, BRIGHT DIAMOND! And get some inspiration to make more awesome bentos here.

Slaw Burgers

Proudness Level: Putting this photo on every social media outlet.

Why? Because you've got a secret ingredient in this bad boy. Yup. It's MIRACLE WHIP.

Note: Not all recipes contain MIRACLE WHIP.