Exciting Moments In Sport Fan History

Sports fans are a rowdy bunch of people, but who can blame them? In the heat of the moment, we all get a little excited. These sports fans can keep their energy going with MiO Energy. It’s so small, and they can carry it with them and feel rowdy whenever the time calls.

1. Legend of the Octopus

Legend of the Octopus is a sports tradition where Detroit Red Wings hockey fans throw octopus into the ring during home playoff games.

On April 15, 1952, Pete and Jerry Cusimano threw an octopus into the hockey rink, and then the Red Wings won the championship! The rest is history.

2. The Play (with the band!)

People have argued that this is the best ending in college football history!

It was a close game between Stanford (in the lead) and the University of California, Berkley. Berkley managed to win the game with their band on the field! Listen to the sports announcer at the end. He’s just as excited as the winners!

3. Photobomb Fan: The Face

Photobomb guy is not only an excited fan at University of Alabama, he takes his face quirks with him to many sports events, including this Knicks game.

4. Eager Hank Aaron Fans

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These fans were so excited to congratulate Hank Aaron on his 715 home run (passing Babe Ruth) that they rushed to the field to congratulate him while he was running the bases!

5. Rushing The Court

Sometimes a game ending is so exciting, you just need to rush the court! This is after a Florida State vs University Of Florida basketball game.

6. The Hogettes

The Hogettes are male Washington Redskin fans who dress up in women’s clothing and pig snouts to cheer for their football team AND to raise money for charity. I will oink to that!

7. The Lambeau Leap

Packers fans love the Lambeu Leap. It’s when a Green Bay football player jumps into the the stands and gets congratulated by fans. Looks fun!

8. Wrestling Sing Alongs

Believe it or not, WWE fans have sing alongs while watching wrestling matches. They even sing wrestlers off when they lose.

9. Linsanity!

Jeremy Lin is one of the most exciting things to come out of the NBA as of late.

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