Three Decades Of Space Shuttle Launches

As we say farewell to the Space Shuttle Atlantis this morning, NPR takes us back in time to look at thirty years of awe-inspiring shuttle launches.

minjae • 6 years ago

Penguins Do The Wave

Who knew Happy Feet was actually an animated documentary?

minjae • 7 years ago

The State of Wikipedia

The team behind the "State of the Internet" and the "State of Cloud Computing" released the "State of Wikipedia" in celebration of the site's 10th anniversary, narrated by none other than the founder of Wikipedia himself, Jimmy Wales. Behold. (via)

minjae • 7 years ago

Retro-Inspired Black Swan Posters

British design firm LaBoca created a series of posters for Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan, inspired by Polish and Czech posters from the 1960s and 70s. Is it too late to revise my Christmas wish list? (Via.)

minjae • 7 years ago

Nat Geo Filmmaker Caught in Massive Sand Storm

While tracking and filming a group of elephants in Mali on foot as part of National Geographic Channel's Great Migrations series, filmmaker Bob Poole and crew get caught in a sudden and massive sand storm that makes the plains of Africa look like the surface of Mars. That's a lot of sand to get out of your hair.

minjae • 7 years ago

Don Draper's Love Child

...may be a super freaky baby doll. Also, Jessica Pare deserves an Emmy for lovingly cooing at the said doll in between takes.

minjae • 7 years ago

Young Conan O'Brien

Conan O'Brien has confirmed that this is indeed a picture of him.

minjae • 7 years ago