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11 Competitions That Are A Wee Bit Not Normal

Don't be afraid to get a little dirty. We tip our hats to those who dare to compete differently. MINI. NOT NORMAL.

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1. The World Bog Snorkeling Championships

Richard Heathcote / Getty Images

Held annually in Wales, competitors sporting snorkels and flippers swim down and back a 60 yard peat bog trench for a total length of 120 yards.

3. World Gurning Championship

John Li / Getty Images

It's time to put all your duck face practice to good use. At the World Gurning Championship held annually in Egremont, England, people make distorted facial expressions, or a gurn, while framing their face in a horse collar.

4. Redneck Games

Stephen Morton / Getty Images

The Redneck Games, held annually in East Dublin, Georgia, satirize the stereotype given to rednecks and include events such as the mud pit belly flop (seen above) and toilet seat throwing.

5. Extreme Ironing

Tim Moran / Rex / Rex USA

Do you dare to take it up a notch? Extreme ironing challenges participants to go to the most extraordinary lengths to do the relatively simple task of ironing a piece of clothing.

6. Gloucester Cheese Roll

Scott Barbour / Getty Images

Traditionally held for residents of the village of Brockworth in England, the event consists of rolling a round of Double Gloucester cheese down a hill while participants run down the hill chasing after it. Whoever reaches the bottom first wins the race and the cheese.

7. Air Guitar World Championship

David McNew / Getty Images

Part of the annual Oulu Music Video Festival in Oulu, Finland, the Air Guitar World Championship was started originally as a joke, but has since become one of the festival's main attractions.

8. International Birdman

Steve Finn / Getty Images

The International Birdman is a competition where human "birdmen" attempt to "fly" off a pier and into the sea with home-made gliders and other sorts of zany creations.

9. World Russian Egg Roulette championship

Tim Scrivener / Rex / Rex USA

In this eggciting (sorry we couldn't resist) competition, contestants pick eggs from a box of six and take turns smashing them on their heads. The catch? Five eggs are hardboiled and one is not, the first one to be smeared in an eggy mess loses.

11. Wife Carrying Championships

Amber Waterman / AP

Forget about bringing home the bacon, what about bringing home your wife? In this ultimate test of marriage, husbands race down an obstacle course with their wives in tow.

We tip our hats to those who dare to compete differently. MINI. NOT NORMAL.

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