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12 Unique Statues From Around The World

Public art makes road trips better. Check out some of our own awesome finds during the MINI NOT NORMAL Road Trip.

1. Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen's "Free Stamp" in Willard Park, Cleveland is 26 feet tall.

2. KAWS' giant "Companion" sits outside of the The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum.

3. This giant Plateosaurus can be found outside of the State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart.

4. J. Seward Johnson Jr.'s "God Bless America" that once watched over Chicago's Michigan Ave. now resides in Mesa, AZ.

5. Rich Beyer's "Man Slopping Pigs" in Falls Church, VA is located next to the artist's brother's car dealership.

6. Mario Hubert Armengol's "Family of Man" dance outside of the Public Education Center, Calgary.

7. Lolay's "Dollar 009" sits outside of the Bangkok Art & Culture Center.

8. This life-size replica of Gundam stood 59 feet tall and was on display in Tokyo for two months.

9. Miquel Barceló's "Gran Elefandret" once balanced in NYC's union square.

10. César Baldaccini's iconic 40-foot thumb "Le Pouce" stands in Paris's La Défense.

11. Jan Fabre's giant bronze "Searching for Utopia" looked out over the coast of Nieuwpoort, Belgium.

12. Jeff Koon's 10-feet tall "Balloon Dog" once stood on top of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Inspired by MINI's NOT NORMAL Lamppost at the Outside The Box Festival in Boston Common.

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