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12 Stunning Images Of What Happens When Fine Art And Architecture Collide

Philip Johnson's Glass House is 49 acres of masterpiece. We stopped by for a tour and left feeling inspired. Be sure to check back for more unique stops from our MINI NOT NORMAL Road Trip.

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2. It was a weekend home.

Johnson and his partner David Whitney spent their weekends living in and working on The Glass House. Whitney, a celebrated art critic himself, is responsible for many of the collected works on display around the property.

7. The Pavilion's size really messes with your brain.

Johnson loved to play with perspective and size across his property. The pond's Pavilion, for example, is only six feet tall (and looks even smaller in this image). He chose to use this 3/4 scale to "make small men feel powerful and tall men feel playful." The statue in the back left corner is 35 feet tall.

8. Johnson's original landscaper continues to work on the property today.

Meticulous standards remain in place to keep the grounds looking the same as they did while Johnson resided there (including keeping the grass exactly three inches tall).

12. Johnson's final structure, Da Monsta, is a building without right angles.

The space is used to showcase modern artists who draw inspiration from Johnson's work. Currently on display in (and around) Da Monsta is E.V. Day's exhibit, SNAP.

All photos by Joseph Lin / BuzzFeed