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10 Not Normal Declarations Of Love

These people are titans in our book. Their amazing stories might force you to evaluate how much of a schmuck you are. But don't worry, MINI embraces your eccentricities.

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2. This man built a 6,000 step ladder so his girlfriend could come and see him. (You probably can't even remember to pick up milk.)


In 1996, Xu Chaoqing (a widow with four children) and Liu Guojiang (her younger lover) moved into a home high up in the mountains of Chongqing because their controversial relationship prompted neighbors to cast them out of society. They hid in exile until 2001, when researchers discovered the 6,000 steps Liu built for his wife so she could make it up and down the mountainside. The staircase was later named “The Ladder of Love.”

3. This man refused the throne for love.


When King Edward VII wanted to marry Wallis Simpson in 1936, he was met with a scandal. Wallis was in the process of going through her second divorce, but a law in the UK forbade marriages if a person’s former spouse was still alive. Thus, King Edward could not keep the throne if he wished to marry his sweetheart. Choosing love over power, Edward gave up his title for his new bride.

4. This gun slingin' 15-year-old hit 25 bullseyes.


When 15-year-old Annie Oakley stepped up to challenge Frank Butler’s shooting skills in November of 1875, Butler was floored. Annie Oakley hit all 25 targets, and beat Butler by one. He instantly fell in love with her, and their marriage lasted until their deaths.

6. This man saw a beautiful girl on the train and then made a website to find her.


When Patrick Moberg saw the girl of his dreams on a crowded subway, he couldn't let her go. He created a website to find her, complete with drawings and his contact information. Read more, here.

7. This guy tried to surprise his wife with an engagement ring.


One man decided to propose to his girlfriend by putting an engagement ring in a milkshake. A friend, whom was there to witness the adorable proposal, decided to speed up the process by challenging the woman to a chugging contest. She accidentally swallowed the ring, went to the ER, and then waited for her ring to pass through her. Read more, here.

8. This hit man fell in love with his target and faked her death.


Maria Nilza Simões, a Brazilian housewife, paid a hit man to kill her husband's lover. Her hired help fell in love with the mistress though and could not kill her. He faked her death instead. He took a picture of her covered in ketchup with a knife under her arm to give to his employer. Read more, here.

9. These two got plastic surgery to look like each other.

Adopt Films / courtesy Everett Collection

Performance artist Genesis P-Orridge and Jacqueline Megson altered their faces to look more alike. Read more about their story, here.

10. This girl wrote to her father's boss to ask a very important question about her father stationed overseas.

USMC Archives / Via Flickr: 60868061@N04

"Dear Lt. General Boomer,

Hi, How are you? I am fine. My dad says that your his boss. His name is G Sgt. Gonzales. Well I am his daughter so will you let him come to the ice cream party on Friday 1:00-2:00 o'clock? Well got to go now by.


Christina Gonzales"